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Become a Care Manager

Are you the kind of person that can talk with anyone, with a kind heart and without judgement?  Someone who is calm and reassuring, encouraging and supportive, and motivated to help find the resources to provide someone in need the best possible outcome?

If so, you may be interested in our volunteer Care Manager opportunities.  As a critical member of our Care Team, you would be “on the front lines,” speaking with widowed men and women from across the country and determining if and how Wings for Widows can assist them.  Most of these men and women are experiencing early widowhood and are most vulnerable at the most uncertain time in their lives.  They know they need help, but they need you to help them understand their situation, their priorities, and which of our services are right for them.

Learn more about joining our team and becoming a Care Manager by completing the Interest form below.  A representative will reach out to you shortly.  Thank you for your interest in Wings for Widows.


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