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What is Financial Coaching?

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Financial Coaching

fə-ˈnan(t)-shəl \ ˈkō- chiŋ

Financial coaching is the process of working with a trained professional who collaborates with and guides their clients to reach their financial goals.

The process is personalized and non-judgmental. Financial coaches provide encouragement, support, and advice to help people make informed decisions and improve their financial situation. But not all financial coaches are alike; some, like ours, are elite.

I can now say I’m done dealing with paperwork and have the confidence that my future is secure financially. I highly recommend Wings for Widows to every widow, regardless of financial circumstances. In a time of overwhelming grief, it’s such a comfort to have help dealing with the necessary parts of life.

Cindy K., Lakeville MN

The Standard of Excellence

Our financial coaches are licensed financial advisors, and all have earned their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credentials.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP® professionals meet rigorous education, training, and ethical standards, and are committed to serving your best interests at all times. Visit here to learn more.

Our process matches pro bono CFP® coaches from around the country with newly widowed men and women. All coaching is done virtually, allowing trusted family members or friends to conveniently join you in your journey to financial stability. All services are offered at no cost – you will never be charged for the assistance we provide.  According to Nerd Wallet, AARP, and the FPA, our coaching services are valued at about $2,500.

Wings for Widows is a wonderful organization for anyone going through a loss of a spouse. They are compassionate, caring and know how to address any type of situation. Response to answering questions, putting someone at ease and just coaching for what’s ahead. Whether you know exactly what is needed or need a boost they are the ones to help and guide you… My coach Melissa was great!

Kari T., Prosper TX

The Benefits of One-on-One Financial Coaching

Feel a sense of accomplishment

Have less anxiety

Feel more in control of your financial situation

Improve your creditworthiness

Be prepared for financial emergencies

Have a clearer picture of the future

Avoid making bad financial decisions

Feel confident that your family is protected

Understand your financial goals and priorities

Your Success Story Starts with a Coach

The Medical Bill​

Jo lost Kyle on April 19, 2018. After his loss, Jo was left with overwhelming medical bills. A year later Jo decided to reach out to Wings for Widows.

The Missing Loot

Linda lost Greg on December 20, 2018. A year earlier he had received an inheritance of $63,000. Linda wasn’t sure what to do next.

Home Sweet Home

Doris and Martin* were married over 60 years. He was 85 years old when he died unexpectedly. Doris needed help learning how to manage her finances.

At a time when I was very anxious about what I should be doing to get on the right financial track, Wings for Widows came alongside me. They listened to my concerns and questions and helped me prioritize what needed to be done. My financial counselor was very empathetic and sensitive and did not overwhelm me. It felt like she was a friend from the first time we met. I am very thankful Wings for Widows was there – it was a safety net for me.

Gail R., Fridley MN

Take The First Steps to Financial Wellness

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Meet with your Financial Coach

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