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Transforming Lives in Times of Loss: Wings for Widows Testimonials

At Wings for Widows, we believe in the power of transformation. Every year, we have the privilege of guiding hundreds of individuals through one of life’s most challenging transitions—the loss of a spouse. Our mission is to be a beacon of hope and a source of strength, offering not just financial guidance, but a journey towards rediscovery and empowerment. Through personalized support, we strive to restore confidence, provide financial stability, and bring peace of mind during times when both seem out of reach.

Our impact is best reflected in the stories of those we’ve had the honor to assist. Below, you’ll find heartfelt testimonials from just a few of the many lives we’ve touched. These stories are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the difference that compassionate, expert support can make. Join us in celebrating these journeys of courage, growth, and renewal.

Maureen [coach] was such a treasure! I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing this program seems to be at this stage. I have already started communicating the services Wings for Widows offers to several new widows in our region.

– Amanda G., Sanford NC

Don [coach] helped me so much in so many ways. I had several huge decisions to make and with his guidance plus the workbook, I am in the process of moving forward and securing our financial future. I have an adult son with special needs who is the top priority and I am hopeful that the plan I am working on for him with be the best one possible.

– Maria R., Friendswood TX

I highly recommend Wings for Widows. They help you “put your ducks in order.” I will continue to use the book as a resource. Thank you for coming along side us in our time of need.

– Cindy P, Coon Rapids MN

I am so grateful to this organization and my financial coach for all the help. Now that I no longer have a partner to make these important decisions with, things like finances can seem extremely overwhelming. But, with the help of my coach I was able to make the choices I know will be best for myself and my children. I truly appreciate all the hard work, patience, and understanding from both Jeff [coach] and the Wings for Widows team.

– Claire S., Naples FL

Wings for Widows goes over a lot of information that I did not even think of. It gave me the tools I need to feel financially secure now and in the future.

– Rory M., New Richmond WI

It is difficult to find the words to express my gratitude for what Wings for Widows, and in particular, Alan [coach], has done for me.

After my husband of 40 years passed, together with the intense pain and grief, I was completely overwhelmed by all the practical things that needed to be taken of. I had no idea how to deal with all the financial and administrative affairs my husband had always taken care of, and felt truly “lost at sea.”

I can’t begin to describe how much I have appreciated the kindness and invaluable help from Alan. He guided me through these uncharted waters and brought hope and stability and the reassurance that I would be okay. He was gentle and compassionate as he walked this unfamiliar journey with me, step by step at my pace, answering all my questions so patiently and explaining everything so clearly and simply. I could feel the fog lifting and finally I could breathe again. My confidence returned and a weight lifted off my shoulders as my affairs came into order. Your manual we worked through is outstanding, and I continue to look back through it as a reminder.

Alan was my “angel”, a gift from God, in the most painful and traumatic time of my life. I will never forget his kindness in giving up his time to guide me on this journey. Thank you, Alan, and thank you to all those at Wings for Widows, for taking such good care of me.

– Carolyn G., Great Neck NY

This has been a wonderful resource in my time of need.

– Kimberly G., Papillion NE

This was a transformative experience! I’m beyond grateful to have had this opportunity. I can’t say enough good things about my coach. During the worst year of my life, this experience has been such a incredible gift.

– Jodie A., Skokie IL

Wings for Widows enabled me to tackle “financial affairs” that I really dreaded after my husband passed away! I couldn’t have handled the heavy burden without their extremely useful workbook and expertise in counseling. I also love how compassionate and willing they are to help us widows in every way. Thank you! You really live up to your name and mission!

– Joy K., Spokane WA

Definitely worth the time to work with someone who can help.

– Natalie B., Richardson TX

The financial coaching provided by Wings for Widows vas very beneficial to me. My financial coach was knowledgeable and helped me navigate my personal financial situation and show me options I had not thought of.

– Kim H., Plymouth MN

I wish I had found Wings for Widows earlier in my process. What I gained from the financial coaching gave me hope and confidence when I was in the middle of grief and confused. Every funeral home and other institutions should be aware of this organization and advise those of us who are suffering in so many ways. Thank You Wings for Widows!

– Carolyn G., Lakewood Ranch FL

As the workbook says navigating uncharted waters. So very true! I knew what I knew and very soon in the process of healing after loss I was discovering there was a lot I didn’t know. Wings for Widows was exactly what I wanted/needed. Using the workbook as the guide for our sessions, Gary [coach] with his knowledge, professional commitment, and friendship provided me an invaluable experience. I am truly privileged & blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Gary and Wings for Widows.

– Beth F., Bloomington MN

The financial advisor I was paired with was extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to learn about my husband and our lives together. That meant so much to me.

– Cathy Z., Cottage Grove MN 

Paul [coach] was a blessing! I was nervous and anxious before our first meeting because I didn’t know what to anticipate, but Paul immediately put me at ease. Paul made himself available; he is knowledgeable and caring. He instilled confidence and trust. He helped me prioritize and addressed all of my pressing inquiries. He seemed to be concerned about my interests and did not try to impose anything on me and he allowed me to work at my own pace, because of this I feel more in control of my situation. Connecting with Wings for Widows and meeting Paul has been a wonderful godsend in my life, especially while going through such a painful experience. I am forever grateful.

– Kattia S., Hayward CA

This program is a very useful tool to steer a widow or widower in the right direction to cover all aspects of financial matters and gain confidence. I am fortunate to have already been in good shape with my affairs, and I can only imagine how much this would help someone who is not aware of what to do next wonderful program for all ages of widows or widowers. Thank you!

– Garnet O., Wylie TX

Wings for widows is a great resource to help when our world is in pieces.

– Michele T, Vernon CT

Working with Robert [coach] was great. He answered all my questions and listened to all my concerns. He made me feel that that no question was a stupid question and it was just nice to be able to throw some thoughts off of someone else when I needed to make some large purchases for the maintenance of my house.

– Sharon W., Faribault MN

This is a great program for newly widowed individuals. I stumbled upon it while reading the comments section of an article related to estate and retirement planning. Please advertise more broadly so that new widows can find it easily. Thank you for your support!

– Anita J., Belle Mead NJ