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Guidance for Financial Advisors Supporting Widowed Clients

According to Vanguard research, up to 70% of widows leave their spouse’s financial advisor within the first twelve months of death. This fact should serve as a wake-up call to advisors about the importance of understanding and addressing the unique needs of this group. it underscores the value of empathy, specialized knowledge, and tailored communications in retaining clients during this vulnerable time. 

Advisors are encouraged to develop skills and approaches that go beyond numbers, forecasts, and traditional financial planning, focusing on building trust and providing comprehensive support that addresses both immediate concerns and long-term financial goals. 

This understanding is not just crucial for client retention but also for delivering compassionate and effective service that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of widowed clients.

Navigating New Beginnings: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Supporting Widowed Clients

This free eBook emphasizes the critical need for financial advisors to adopt a new approach when working with newly widowed clients, recognizing that true client satisfaction and retention are achieved through empathy and understanding.