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Media Resources


Wings for Widows welcomes the media and we are glad to assist reporters and editors gather information to cover us accurately.  Please direct all media inquiries to info@wingsforwidows.org.

Media Guidelines

Staff, Volunteer and Client Contact
To schedule an interview with the Executive Director, staff, volunteer or our widow-clients please contact us at info@wingsforwidows.org.  Please provide us with your deadline so we can do our best to accommodate your request in a timely manner.

Staff, Volunteer and Client Information Release for Interviews, Videos and Photos
To protect the privacy of our staff, volunteers and clients, written consent must be obtained through the Marketing & Communications Team before any interviews, photographs or videos are taken.  Every effort will be made to secure these releases prior to your visit or interview.  Please notify us if you know the name of the person(s) you wish to include in your coverage.

Use of Name and Logo

The official name of the organization is Wings for Widows.

Our logo is the official symbol used to represent Wings for Widows, and using any of our logos without our prior written consent is prohibited.  An electronic file of the appropriate logo (with or without tag line, with or without URL, etc.) may be requested by contacting us at info@wingsforwidows.org.

A Story Worth Telling


What’s your objective? What angle do you want to take? We can help you craft a newsworthy story. Simply download the PDF, “A Story Worth Telling.” Good luck. 

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