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Media Resources

Media Resources: Engaging with Wings for Widows

Wings for Widows is committed to fostering open and informative dialogue with the media. We appreciate the interest and efforts of reporters and editors in sharing our mission and impact accurately. For all media inquiries, including requests for information, interviews, or resources, please reach out to us at media@wingsforwidows.org.

Media Inquiry Guidelines

Interview Requests To arrange interviews with our Executive Director, staff, volunteers, or clients, please contact us directly. We kindly ask that you include your deadline in your inquiry to ensure we accommodate your needs promptly.

Privacy and Consent The privacy of our staff, volunteers, and clients is paramount. As such, written consent is required for any interviews, photography, or video recordings, facilitated through our Marketing & Communications Team. We strive to obtain all necessary consents in advance of your visit or interview. Should you have specific individuals in mind for your coverage, please inform us during your initial contact.

Brand Guidelines

Name and Logo Usage Wings for Widows is the official name of our organization. Our logo, a symbol of our identity and mission, is protected intellectual property. Use of the Wings for Widows logo without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. For access to electronic files of our logo, including variations with our tagline or URL, please reach out to our team.

Crafting Your Story Interested in highlighting Wings for Widows in your next piece? We’re here to assist you in developing a compelling narrative. For story inspiration and insight into our work, download our PDF guide, “A Story Worth Telling,” and embark on crafting a piece that captures the essence of our mission and the lives we touch.

We look forward to collaborating with the media to shed light on the crucial support Wings for Widows provides to those navigating the journey of widowhood. Thank you for your interest in our cause and the stories of transformation and hope within our community.

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