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Take Charge of Me!


Embark on Your Journey to Empowerment with “Take Charge of Me!”

In the wake of losing a spouse, the path forward can seem clouded by overwhelming grief and the daunting array of financial decisions awaiting your attention. Wings for Widows is committed to illuminating this path, ensuring that every widowed individual can access the vital financial literacy needed to navigate these uncertain waters—from the earliest days of widowhood and beyond.

“Take Charge of Me!” is our specially crafted, recorded webinar, designed to empower newly widowed individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently address the financial realities of their new circumstances. This twenty-minute session is a beacon for those seeking guidance in the immediate weeks to months following their loss, providing crucial insights into prioritizing tasks, understanding the financial landscape, and avoiding the pitfalls that can complicate an already challenging time.

Whether your loss was very recent or a few months have passed, “Take Charge of Me!” is an essential step towards reclaiming your financial independence and setting the course for your recovery. Get started below.

Bonus Handout: Receive our “TOP 10 THINGS THE NEWLY-WIDOWED MUST DO” guide, a concise roadmap of critical financial steps to consider following your loss.  Download now

Empower yourself to navigate this chapter with confidence. “Take Charge of Me!” is not just a webinar—it’s a step towards mastering your financial future in the face of adversity. Join us, and begin the journey of transforming grief into growth.