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Success Stories

Discover Journeys of Hope and Renewal: Our Success Stories

Welcome to our Success Stories page, a heartfelt showcase of resilience, recovery, and empowerment. At Wings for Widows, we are deeply committed to supporting widowed individuals as they navigate the complexities of loss, guiding them towards a future filled with hope and financial stability. Each story featured here represents a real journey of transformation, shared by the clients we’ve had the honor to assist.

Through these videos and articles, you’ll witness firsthand the powerful impact of compassionate financial coaching and the strength that comes from finding clarity in the midst of confusion. These testimonials not only highlight the personal achievements of those we’ve served but also underscore our mission to change lives for the better.

We invite you to explore these stories of triumph over adversity, each one a beacon of what’s possible when you’re supported by a community that truly cares. Let these narratives inspire you, whether you’re seeking support or looking to contribute to our cause. Welcome to a space of inspiration and hope—welcome to our Success Stories.

Your Success Story Starts with a Coach

The Medical Bill​

Jo lost Kyle on April 19, 2018. A year later Jo discovered Wings for Widows and decided to reach out ...

The Missing Loot

Linda lost Greg on December 20, 2018. A year earlier he had received an inheritance of $63,000. Linda wasn’t sure ...

Home Sweet Home

Doris and Martin* were married for more than 60 years. He was 85 years old when he died unexpectedly. Martin ...

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At a time when I was very anxious about what I should be doing to get on the right financial track, Wings for Widows came alongside me. They listened to my concerns and questions and helped me prioritize what needed to be done. My financial counselor was very empathetic and sensitive and did not overwhelm me. It felt like she was a friend from the first time we met. I am very thankful Wings for Widows was there – it was a safety net for me.

Gail R., Fridley MN