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Donate To Our
Memorial Garden

Elevate Your Tribute: Support Through Giving

Should you feel inspired to enhance your memorial with a gesture of support, we graciously welcome contributions to the garden. Every gift, regardless of size, nurtures the growth of our mission and the community we serve. It’s a beautiful way to honor your loved one, reflecting the impact of their legacy through acts of kindness and support. To make your contribution now, please utilize the donation form provided.

For those who prefer to donate via check, we are here to facilitate your preference. Simply email us at giving@wingsforwidows.org with your details, and we will promptly arrange to send you our special giving envelopes.

Your support, whether through memorial tributes or donations, strengthens the bonds of our community and amplifies the reach of our mission. We are deeply grateful for your choice to remember your loved one in such a meaningful way. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey, as we strive to bring solace and support to those navigating the path of loss.