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Financial Wellness

You’ve been approved for financial coaching. You will soon meet your coach, but we first ask that you complete this 30-question survey.  

How are you progressing with all the things you need to do?

By taking the Financial Wellness Check, in about five minutes you’ll have a better idea of what you’ve accomplished (and you should feel great about that!) and what may still be ahead.  Your Financial Wellness Score reflects how well you are managing the financial, legal, and administrative workload nearly all widowed people face after the loss of a spouse.  Where are you in your journey?  You’re about to find out.

 How are you feeling about all the things you need to do? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s perfectly normal.  There is work to do and, unfortunately, most of it will fall on you.  Fortunately, you are about to meet someone who has the advice and experience that will keep you from making common – and often costly – mistakes.

So, we ask you to complete the Financial Wellness Check for a second reason: your coach. We have found that clients appreciate their coach having a basic understanding of what’s going on. Think of it as a “warm welcome” instead of a cold start. Your coach, and only your coach, will review your Financial Wellness Check before you meet so that he or she has an overview of your situation. They’ll have more questions certainly, but this will help you both get off to a meaningful start. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Answer the questions and receive your Financial Wellness Score.  We never ask for personal information like your social security number or personal financial data.  You will receive an email with your answers and score for your reference. 

  2.  No solicitation, no obligation, and no fees.  Our only goal is to get you the help and support you need during this difficult time.  You will never be solicited, obligated, or charged whether you’re just exploring our services or taking full advantage of them.

  3.  Your information is confidential and never shared.  See how your privacy is protected.  Read our privacy policy.