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Making sense of it all

Your financial well-being is the most critical area in which we can assist you. As your fiduciary, with your best interests at heart, we can help with:

  • Reviewing bills and credit card debt
  • Reviewing long-term loans, including mortgages
  • Pulling your credit report​; working with creditors, if necessary
  • Changing joint billings to single billings
  • Reviewing automatic payments
  • Assisting with online banking settings
  • Contacting your spouse’s employer re compensation and retirement programs
  • Updating your checking and savings account ownership
  • Updating your investment account(s) ownership
  • Updating your investment account(s) beneficiaries
  • Analyzing your expenses and cash flow; cash flow projection, if necessary
  • Reviewing your emergency fund
  • Creating or updating a budget
  • Reviewing your investment asset allocations
  • Consolidating investment accounts, if necessary
  • Reviewing education funding and sources of education funding

Note: There is no charge for our services.