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How Can We Help You?

Begin Your Journey with Wings for Widows

If you are navigating the challenges of widowhood, Wings for Widows is here to support you with essential advice, guidance, and resources to help you transition from a state of uncertainty to one of financial clarity and stability.

Your First Step: Please complete the application below. Your information is 100% confidential; please see our Privacy Policy.  This initial step is crucial as it helps us understand your current situation and the extent of your needs since experiencing your loss. By knowing where you stand, we can tailor our support to fit your unique circumstances.

Your Second Step: After submitting your application, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our empathetic and experienced Care Managers. During this consultation, they will review your application, respond to any questions you might have, and discuss the comprehensive services we offer. You will then have the freedom to decide whether to proceed with our assistance.

Our Commitment to You: At Wings for Widows, we are dedicated to providing support with no solicitation, no obligation, and no fees. Our primary aim is to offer the help and support you need during this challenging time. Rest assured, there will be no charges, obligations, or solicitations, whether you are simply exploring what we offer or fully engaging with our services.