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Join Our Advisory Council

Wings for Widows is seeking motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about our mission to join our Advisory Council.  We are seeking volunteers who will actively engage in the support of our Board of Directors, committees, and staff to shape and strengthen our unique programmatic direction and strategic vision.

The Advisory Council is a standing Committee as provided by our Bylaws. The Council has no legal responsibilities and is formed for the sole reason to give advice and feedback to the Board of Directors, committees and staff. Council members have no voting rights.


Commitment to the mission:  Believes in the Wings for Widows mission, vision, and values, and considers them as a framework for all input and feedback. Will work with staff, board members, and other volunteers to advance the mission of Wings for Widows. 

• Involvement:  The Advisory Council serves at the pleasure of the governing body, meaning that council members’ involvement may be addressing a unique concern, working on a special project, research and creating a report, or supporting a scheduled event. Members may be asked for feedback based on their particular experience and expertise.

• Advocacy:  Acts as an ambassador and influencer for the organization as opportunities arise. 

• Term:  Is willing to serve a term at least twelve months, beginning the first full month after approval.

• Attendance:  There is one (1) annual meeting of the Advisory Council, not including ad-hoc meetings that may arise. Ample notice will be provided and you are are encouraged to attend. There will be social events that you will be invited to attend; attendance is encouraged but not mandatory.

Selection Process

    1. Members will be invited and selected through an internal selection process and approved by the Executive Committee.
    2. To be considered for Advisory Council membership, the first step is to complete the interest form below and attach a current resume (optional).
    3. Once your interest form is submitted, you will be invited to meet with the Board Chair, President/CEO, or Executive Director. This is optional for candidates who have volunteered previously with the organization. The Executive Committee will approve all candidates and inform selectees. We will ask for a headshot for our website (About tab).
    4. Advisory Council members will be required to complete a short orientation, if they haven’t volunteered previously
    5. Wings for Widows welcomes people from all walks of life to join us in our vision to become the premier provider of financial assistance and education for newly-widowed men and women.

Advisory Council Interest Form