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Join Our Advisory Council

Wings for Widows is excited to extend an invitation to passionate individuals interested in contributing to our mission by joining our Advisory Council. As a key component of our organizational structure, this council offers guidance and support to our Board of Directors, committees, and staff, helping shape our strategic vision and programmatic direction. While the council holds no legal responsibilities or voting rights, its members play a pivotal role in advising and advancing our goals, grounded in our mission, vision, and values.

Members of the Advisory Council are integral in undertaking special projects, conducting research, and providing feedback from their unique perspectives and areas of expertise. Additionally, they serve as ambassadors of Wings for Widows, advocating for our cause and representing the organization in various capacities. The commitment to our cause includes a willingness to serve a minimum of a twelve-month term, participate in at least one annual meeting, and attend social events, fostering a deeper connection with our community and mission.

We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to consider this opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of newly-widowed men and women, contributing to our vision of becoming the premier provider of financial assistance and education. Your involvement will not only support Wings for Widows in achieving its objectives but also offer a fulfilling experience of service and advocacy.

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