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Join Our Board of Directors

Wings for Widows is actively searching for dedicated individuals to enrich our Board of Directors. Ideal candidates will deeply resonate with our mission and possess a fervent desire to support the often overlooked and underserved widow community. We seek leaders eager to contribute to the governance of our entrepreneurial and swiftly evolving organization, guiding us toward fulfilling our unique programmatic and strategic goals.

As a governance board, our members focus on oversight rather than daily operations, which are managed by our proficient staff. The board collaborates closely with the Executive Director, ensuring our mission is pursued with excellence. Board members are pivotal as advocates, thought leaders, and stewards of the organization, embodying our mission, vision, and values in every decision and action.

The role demands a strong commitment to our mission, active participation in board and committee meetings, including a bi-monthly hybrid meeting, and involvement in an annual retreat and special events. Members play a critical role in sustaining a competent board, recruiting new members, and evaluating board performance.

Board members hold fiduciary responsibilities, ensuring the financial health and ethical integrity of Wings for Widows. This includes approving budgets aligned with our strategic plan, monitoring financial performance, and supporting the CEO towards achieving our financial and organizational goals. Preparation and active involvement in meetings are crucial, as is planning and supporting short- and long-term objectives.

Supporting Wings for Widows also involves making a personal financial contribution, participating in fundraising efforts, advocating for the organization, and serving on committees. Members are expected to lead with integrity, credibility, compassion, and courage, forging relationships and advocating for our community’s needs while upholding the highest governance standards.


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