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Top 5 Home Security Systems of 2022

In this day and age, you may find yourself asking, “Do I need a home security system?”  Well, would you sleep better if you had one?  If the answer is yes, the next question is, “Which security system is right for me?”  To help you determine which system is right for you we have created a list of this year’s top-rated home security systems. 

It’s important to note, you may not need every last “bell and whistle,” so be mindful that what you are looking for is a reliable, low-maintenance, low-cost system that gets the job done. 


#1: Vivint – Best Overall 

If you are in search of a home security system that doesn’t require you to lift a finger, then Vivint is for you.  This system comes fully equipped with high-end equipment meticulously installed by professionals.  Vivint is fully loaded with 24/7 monitoring, smart home features, and state of the art wireless security technology.  The system comes with professional installation for half of the price of its competitors at $49 dollars, and is billed based on a financing model where equipment payment and monitoring are separate.  In addition, the company provides free in-home consultation, unique car guard devices, and 24/7 professional monitoring. Vivint offers monitoring plans that start from as little as $40 a month.  


#2: SimpliSafe – Best Budget Pick 

SimpliSafe is an affordable, straightforward cellular security system that customers have been raving about.  This system has some of the most budget friendly prices and allows you to start and stop service whenever you choose.  This company also allows you to pick and choose which equipment is best for you as well as what monitoring level you want.  Shopping can be done online with a 60-day money-back guarantee. SimpliSafe also includes professional monitoring services on demand with no contract ever.  In addition, the system features a RapidSOS feature that speeds up help in emergency situations.  This feature sends help directly to 911 dispatchers and skips sending information to a monitoring center.  This provides faster response times from first responders.  


#3: ADT – Most Trusted Brand Name 

No surprise here, ADT is regarded as the most experienced security company in the U.S.  ADT has provided its customers with top-notch protection for nearly 145 years.  The system is equipped with 9 different professional monitoring centers (more than any other security company), partnerships and integrations with Google Nest and Ford (which makes protecting your home and car easier), and provides its customers with a 6-month service guarantee – the longest money back period in the industry. One of ADT’s reputable features is the monitoring station’s ability to transfer you to another center if one goes down without you even noticing.  This provides you with 24/7 protection regardless of the elements.  In addition, the company offers plans which allow you access to automation controls, wireless equipment, and video monitors. 


#4: Cove – Best Customer Experience Pick 

If you are looking for a system that comes with excellent customer service, Cove may be for you.  With a policy that states to be “more than fair” with its customers, Cove provides the best care in the business.  With its huge 98% customer retention rate the company is clearly doing something right.  Cove offers affordable monthly monitoring prices and allows you to painlessly cancel at any time, with no penalties or fees.  Unlike other security systems that could charge you between 75%-100% of your contract, Cove never charges you a penny after cancelation.  In addition to the top-notch customer service, Cove provides its customer with a handful of unique features like a large 7-inch touch screen panel that comes with every system, an InstaText service that allows you to confirm an emergency through a text message, a LiveAssist service that will call you through the panel, and a RapidSOS service which gets you help quicker in an emergency.  The system also allows customers to earn Cove Equipment Rewards which can be used to upgrade your system with new equipment for free.  In addition, Cove has a lifetime equipment warranty and rate-lock guarantee, so your monitoring prices remain the same.  Finally, Cove also has what they call a “done-with-me installation” feature which allows you to install the system yourself with help from the touch screen panel.  


#5: Ring Alarm – Best Outdoor Cameras Pick 

If you are looking for a security system with top-notch outdoor security cameras, then Ring is for you.  Regarded as the best Wi-Fi security system, Ring allows you to build your home’s protection around cameras.  The company provides its customers with a handful of different camera options including Ring doorbell cameras and Ring floodlight cameras.  No matter the camera selection, Ring allows you to see each video in excellent high quality.  On top of providing its customers with exceptional high-quality video, Ring also comes equipped with advanced features such as geofencing, 3D motion detection, Dual band Wi-Fi, motion tracking, advanced noise cancellation, and loud sirens.  In addition, Ring allows customers to power most of its cameras using solar accessories including Ring’s optional security light.  This is the perfect solution when you get tired of charging or replacing batteries.  

Though each of these systems offers a wide variety of features it is essential to remember which ones are important to you and your family.  Selecting the best home security system is different for everyone and allows you to determine which features are required to keep your family safe.  If you still feel uncertain or confused about which system is right for you, we have provided additional resources on home security systems below. 


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