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What do I do if a client wants to hire me to be their Financial Advisor?

When you work with a Wings for Widows’ client, you both sign an agreement that states you are offering pro bono services and will not charge for any of the work you do during the engagement.  Similarly, it states that you will not solicit your client during the engagement.  But what if the client solicits you?

The best course of action is to defer this possibility until after the engagement is completed.  It makes sense for you to “know your client” before entertaining the idea of a more permanent advisory relationship.  If you are solicited, you might say something like this: “<Name>, that might be a possibility, but right now let’s focus on all the work we have to do during our engagement.  Okay?”

If, after the engagement is completed, your client solicits you, you are free to accept them as a client if you wish.  You’ve already developed a trusted relationship with them and have a great foundation of knowledge, so it may make sense for you to continue the advisory relationship once the engagement concludes.  This could well be a win-win scenario.