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Why do I need a financial coach; can’t I do this on my own?

Of course, you can go it alone. There are dozens of financial books on the subject, but trying to work through a 300-page book doesn’t seem like a practical option for most widows. There are many lists of things to do available on the internet. However, most widows do not choose to make this journey without professional help of some kind. Widows may rely on their financial advisor if they have one or on someone else they trust if they don’t. Not everyone has a financial advisor or a family member who can help, and that’s where Wings for Widows is a valuable resource. When you work with one of our financial coaches, at no charge, you will have an experienced person walking alongside you, guiding you through the practical matters relevant to you. They help you  with questions, direct you to resources, help you take action and ensure you don’t make costly mistakes.