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Why do we have worksheets in the GuideBook?

The Widow’s Guidebook serves a few purposes.  It provides you and your client a path through the coaching engagement; this means you don’t have to “recreate the wheel.”  If you stick with the guidebook, you’ll answer 95% of the most common trouble areas for newly-widowed people.  Using the guidebook ensures you’ll provide a thorough review of your client’s situation.  When your engagement is over, the guidebook will continue to be a resource for your client who will likely still have work to do.
The guidebook provides both worksheets and checklists. The worksheets are optional; the checklists are not.
Some clients race through the book and complete their worksheets before your first meeting, though this is rare, as most find them daunting.  The point is the worksheets are for the client to complete to help you understand her financial situation.  However, most will wait for your direction, so it is completely up to you whether or not a particular worksheet needs completing.  Most coaches use the worksheets as a guide to what questions need to be asked and information to be collected, and will use a downloadable worksheet (available here) for notetaking (since your guidebook only includes one set of worksheets) as they work alongside their client.