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Why is Widow Feedback so important?

Our goal is to provide excellent service to our clients and to ensure our coaches have a great experience.  To this end, we are constantly soliciting feedback, including sending each client a survey following her engagement.  We count on this client feedback, which is why it is so important that you encourage your client during your last session to complete the survey when they receive it.
You might say something like this: “<Name>, I’ve really enjoyed working with you these past few weeks/months.  I hope I have made a difference.  You’ve made great progress, and you should be proud of yourself.  I wanted to let you know that Wings for Widows will be sending you a brief survey about your experience when we’re done, and I encourage you to complete it.  It lets them know how they’re doing and it’s the only feedback I get so I know how I’m doing.  I’d really appreciate it.”